The Four Pillars of MATCHNow®



Price Improvement for Active Order Flow

  • MATCHNow sources the most price improvement in Canada for investors
  • 90% of the value traded on MATCHNow occurs at mid-point


  • As Canada’s largest dark pool for equity securities, MATCHNow facilitates liquidity when you don’t want to show your intentions on a lit venue.

Size Discovery  

  • MATCHNow’s proprietary pro-rata algorithm, coupled with the conditionals book, rewards orders for size.

Internalization Engine

  • MATCHNow facilitates a broker-priority match, even when you choose to print under anonymous  (broker 001)
  • Channel your diverse order flow to MATCHNow and benefit from both free unintentional crosses.


To find out more about MATCHNow, please reference our In-Detail document

Latest Updates

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  • Holiday Schedule 2020 – 2022

    MATCH Now will be closed for Canadian Holidays as noted below.

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  • October 2019 Monthly Highlights

    MATCHNow® attained market share by volume of 6.48% for October, compared to previous month of 5.89%, MATCHNow® attained market share by value of 5.74% for October, compared to previous month of 5.25%.

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