TriAct Canada Marketplace LP offers specialized marketplaces and order execution services for Registered Canadian Investment Dealers and their clients to trade Canadian listed equities. TriAct operates MATCHNow®, Canada’s premier broker-neutral dark book.

MATCHNow® is a non-quoting marketplace where order information is not visible to other traders. A proprietary algorithm automatically matches buy and sell orders. TriAct does not participate on an agency or proprietary basis in any trade.

Designed to offer better execution for institutional, proprietary and retail order flow, MATCHNow® combines frequent call matches and continuous execution opportunities in a fully confidential trading book.

At a Glance

Orders interact in two ways: They can match passively or sweep through MATCHNow® en route to any public marketplace, with trade price improvement over the Canadian National Best Bid / Offer, or at the touch if the order is considered “large”1

1. The UMIR definition of large is >50 board lots or >$100,000 CAD notional.


  • How to Access MATCHNow

    Get more information on how to connect to MATCHNow today.

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Latest Updates

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  • Subscriber and Vendor Notice: Debentures, notes and installment receipts at the touch

    MATCHNow is happy to announce debentures, notes and installment receipts will be available for at the touch trading starting September 1st, 2017.

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  • Week Ending Aug 11th, 2017

    MATCHNow’s market share by volume for the week ending Aug 11th was 6.47% compared to previous week of 6.33%. MATCHNow’s market share by value for the week ending Aug 11th was 6.14% compared to previous week of 6.13%.

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