Only Canadian registered dealers are eligible to become MATCHNow® Subscribers, and can trade on MATCHNow® as principal, or as agent for their retail and institutional clients. Orders may also be sent directly to MATCHNow® by eligible clients of a Subscriber (Direct Access Clients). Third party networks and registered dealers that maintain their own proprietary market connections (collectively, Access Vendors) can connect to MATCHNow® for the purpose of transmitting orders submitted by Subscribers and Direct Access Clients.

For more information about connectivity, please see our FIX Specification Document


  • How to Access MATCHNow®

    Get more information on how to connect to MATCHNow ® today.

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Latest Updates

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  • Holiday Schedule 2020 – 2022

    MATCH Now will be closed for Canadian Holidays as noted below.

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  • October 2019 Monthly Highlights

    MATCHNow® attained market share by volume of 6.48% for October, compared to previous month of 5.89%, MATCHNow® attained market share by value of 5.74% for October, compared to previous month of 5.25%.

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