Market Data

MATCHNow® public trade reports are disseminated in real time via MATCHNow’s proprietary multicast market data feed (effective February, 2018).

All trades are reported as having been completed in MATCHNow®, with broker numbers, or with broker 001 for orders that were marked anonymous, in accordance with UMIR requirements. Public trade reports do not include trades between two principal accounts for the same broker (“wash trades”).

Private (encrypted) order and trade information is also distributed in real time, via MATCHNow’s private fix 4.2 drop copy.

Data distributors that receive MATCHNow® trade reports are encouraged to integrate MATCHNow® trades with TSX and other markets’ trades of the same security in their “time and sales” displays.

Daily MATCHNow® trade reports are sent to CDS; it is the Subscribers’ responsibility to clear and settle accordingly.

Market data fees can be found on our fees page here

Market data agreements can be found here for vendors or here for Subscribers

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  • Week Ending Sep 18th 2020

    MATCHNow®’s market share by volume for the week ending Sep 18th was 3.95%, compared to previous week of 4.23%. MATCHNow®’s market share by value for the week ending Sep 18th was 4.29%, compared to previous week of 4.73%.

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